WARNING: You Are In Serious Danger Of Attracting New Clients!
Yes! It's true, every single one of our participants who followed the three previous Challenges to the letter started attracting more leads (which means more potential clients) within a few short days!  
You, too, could quickly and easily be creating compelling "client attracting" content , just like Bernadette Janson from TheSchoolOfRenovating.com
The Next "Be Everywhere Online" Challenge Starts On Monday, 6th January 2020.
Are You Confused & Overwhelmed With All You Think You Need To Do, To Market Your Business Online?  Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not Anymore. 
If you follow along with the "Be Everywhere Online" Challenge, day by day for 21 days you can create a simple proven system, that takes just 20 minutes a week to maintain.  You can set and forget your social media marketing while watching the leads and potential future clients roll in!
Step #1
I show you how to share your magic or expertise
Step #2
Upload your content and start "being everywhere online"
Step #3
You will be seen as an authority & expert in your field

Step 4
New leads and potential customers arrive in your inbox
Here's What Just A Few Challenge Participants Had To Say About Their Results...
Nicola, after meeting you in Las Vegas and seeing you speak, I have really enjoyed moving through your "Be Everywhere Online" training.

I have begun to make the content you recommended and have sent several out to my list. As rudimentary as my process was this first time, I sold a few programs purely over the internet, which is a first for me!!” 
Dr Cynthia Boccara, D.C. Wellness4Life.com
OK, my diary is already full (with 1:2:1 clients) now for Q1 and it’s only the end of January!  Doors are opening for me and I even got recognised in Waitrose the other day! 

I’m putting my prices up again.   So.....what do we do next? 

I highly recommend working with Nicola to anyone who is serious about marketing their business online.
Kate Cocker, UK
It's taken me a while to get around to Nicola's "Be Everywhere Online" system but the Challenge really helped.  I cleared time each day for the simple tasks and made sure I understood the system so that I could then outsource it.  You are taught different ways of using video and within hours of my first one going live I had prospects signing up.
Irene Conlin, UK, BuildingTop Companies.com
The "Be Everywhere Online" Challenge is great if you want to take decisive action to learn digital marketing skills and to take your business to the next level.  You do have to keep at it and keep focused but it's worth it because the results are tangible marketing assets for your business.  Having Nicola's expertise at hand is like gold dust!  Grab this with both hands! 
Catherine Kelly, CatherineKellyPR.co.uk
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: All of the above people are previous participants of the "21 Day Challenge" or have worked through the "Attract 3.0" or the "Be Everywhere Online" system with Nicola. Each of them took immediate and massive action. Your results may not be the same and indeed, if you don't read or listen to the book and then take no action, nothing will happen. Read full disclaimer here >>>
Why Did I Create This Challenge?
Nicola Cairncross here and I started this Challenge because, while I've always been an action taker, when you are running your business and trying to do all your own marketing you often put impossible pressure on yourself and your work/life balance can suffer as a result.

However, a Challenge is for a limited time, it's great fun, you are surrounded by other busy business owners all working on the same thing as you, so you get encouragement, immediate feedback and support and best of all, once your daily task is done you can relax for the day!

I've run my "Be Everywhere Online" Challenge three times now and every time, every participant who actually stuck in there and did it, got great results.

Yes, there is a catch and that is that you actually have to do some work!

However, it's simple, fun, easy work and I break it down into "easy to achieve" chunks, building your skills day by day into a simple system you can repeat over and over again.  Or even better, that you can OUTSOURCE!  I show you how to do that effectively too.

I even give you a complete spreadsheet at the end, detailing what exactly you - or your new VA - will do each day, going forward, to keep your new social media marketing system working for you day and night, even when you are asleep!
The Next Challenge Starts On Monday, 6th January 2020.

Here's how it works...
1. Sign up today to secure your seat on the Challenge.  Seats are limited to 100.

2. You'll immediately get access to the private Challenge Facebook support group.  You can introduce yourself, tell us about your business (you never know, there might be some potential future clients in there!) and about your marketing challenges to date.

4. On the first day of the Challenge, a short video will be released into the group with your first task.  You can ask questions, get feedback and support and day by day, your knowledge, skills and system will grow.  Some days there will be a supplementary video, with extra training, but never more than one. 

5. On Day 7, the video for Day 1 will disappear, ditto on Day 8, Day 2's video will disappear.  This is to keep you focused on moving forward, but also allowing for a bit of catch-up if you miss a day or two.  Life can get in the way, we know that!

** At the end of the Challenge, you'll be made a very super-special offer to get ongoing access to the Challenge videos, plus ongoing support by me **.

Who Is This Challenge
NOT Suitable For?
  • People who are looking for a magic button for their business.
  • People who don’t have a product or service yet
  • People who are not willing to turn up every day for at least 21 days.
  • ​People who are not willing or able to clear their diary enough to take one bit of action every day to create a simple, sustainable marketing campaign for their business.
  • ​People who are not willing to invest even £5 / $5 a day in their marketing (this is for Facebook Ads and I’ll show you how to reach thousands of people a month with that tiny budget).
  • ​People who don’t want to know if their product or service actually converts and who are not willing to change their business to fill their hungry market’s needs, if necessary.
  • ​People who are not willing to learn new skills.
  • ​But if you are NOT listed above...
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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