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We put together a coherent plan for a largely virtual singing tuition business. Nicola encouraged me to put my fees up and corral appointments into fewer days a week.  I saw an immediate return on my investment and it changed my life, with people no longer coming to the house. I then followed the plan for sharing singing lessons and techniques online and immediately started attracting a higher quality client, willing to work virtually and to invest in my longer-term and top-level singing mentoring packages.
Angela Durrant, Singing Teacher
While I came to Nicola for help about selling my online course, we started to build my mailing list and I started attracting lucrative 1:2:1 clients.

My diary is already full now for Q1 2018 and it’s only near the end of January! I’m putting my prices up again.  So…..what do we do next? 

I highly recommend working with Nicola to anyone who is serious about marketing their business online.
Kate Cocker, Radio Producer
Nicola, after meeting you in Las Vegas and seeing you speak, I have really enjoyed moving through your "Be Everywhere Online" training.

I have begun to make the content you recommended and have sent several out to my list. 

As rudimentary as my process was this first time, I immediately sold a few programs purely over the internet, which is a first for me!!” 
Dr Cynthia Boccarra,
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